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Stealth Fisha Duo Kayak

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The New Fisha  Duo fishing kayak is the ultimate 2 man fishing kayak. Designed for the use of 2 people, this kayak is perfect for everyone from expert anglers to your family and friends.
The design of this Duo double fishing kayak makes her super stable and easy to use. Deep seating positions and a wider beam  make this double the best all round double for sharing with friends, family and inexperienced paddlers.


Product Description

Speed is still no problem at all with this kayak. The effort needed by the two paddlers is minimal to make her perform admirably. Perfectly suited for two occupants where their combined weight does not exceed 250kgs. The capacity of the kayak, including gear and tackle or fish, can be as much as 310kgs.

The well thought out design also allows the more experienced angler who would manage the fishing rods to use the pedals and steering from the back seat. The rear angler also has the built in live bait well for easy access between his legs as per all our current kayak models.This also means it is easy to keep an eye on the lesser experienced angler or your kids in the front while you paddle and fish.

Please note: Due to the nature of customizing a kayak, The weight of these kayaks are a guideline and will vary according to different factors.

Each kayak weight is based on a standard plain white construction with stock standard fittings. All add-ons and extras will effect the weight accordingly.

Included Items

Stealth Fisha Duo

Technical Specifications

- Best Feature: Stability
- Conditions: Freshwater and Open Ocean
- Length: 5.65m
- Width: 0.69m
- Weight: 34kg
- Max Angler Weight: 245kg
- Capacity: 310kg
- Stability: 10/10
Speed: 9/10
- Glide: 8/10
- Manoeuvrability: 8/10
- Surf Ability: 8/10

Product Length

5.65 m

Warrantee Period


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