Frequently Asked Questions

To try and assist you with some questions you may ask, we have listed a few frequently asked question and answers:

What are BOTE Aero Inflatable products made from?

BOTE are able to achieve unsurpassed rigidity in our inflatable paddle boards through our unique construction technology.

The secret is the use of composite drop stitch fibers which connect the top and bottom layers of high quality, military-grade PVC. When inflated to the recommended PSI, the fibers cause the air pressure to distribute evenly across the top and bottom surfaces forming a hard, stable platform. Want to learn more? Read our journal Buy Aero not Inflatable: Why AeroTech is Better

Aero paddle boards made with AeroBOTE technology:
The inner core of our AeroBOTEs have tens of thousands of composite drop-stitch fibers that marry the top and bottom halves of the chamber. When under pressure the fibers become taught and create an extremely rigid, solid platform. So let your adventurous side run wild and take an AeroBOTE with you!

Aero paddle boards made with AeroUltra technology:
Constructed with the same military-grade PVC skin as our AeroBOTEs, AeroULTRA technology is highly durable but also lighter in weight. The latest in composite drop stitch production allows these boards to be made with a single layer without sacrificing typical performance. AeroULTRA represents the new way to get into paddling an everyday grab and go SUP.

Which Aero products have which technology?
Please see the following chart for a list of what type of AeroTech each product is made from.

Do I need to have a skippers licence to use a fishing kayak in the ocean?

No you do not require a skippers licence to use a fishing kayak in the ocean. However, there are inherent dangers in kayaking in the ocean and we suggest you get in contact with on how you can best prepare yourself and your kayak for this experience/activity.

Do I need a Fishing LIcence to fish off a kayak?

Yes you do require a fishing permit (obtainable from your local Post Office) to fish in the river, dam or the ocean off a kayak. You need to tick item 10 of the form "Additional per vessel" in addition to item 1 etc on the form.

Can I fish off any kayak in the ocean?

You can fish off any plastic or fibreglass kayak manufactured for that purpose in the ocean, HOWEVER, the kayak must be 3m or longer to do so. You must have the required safety equipment as well.

Do I need to have PFD/Life Vest when fishing off a kayak?

If you fish off a kayak in the ocean, it is mandatory that you have to wear a PFD/Life Vest. It is also recommended, but not compulsory in the rivers. Remember safety first! Be sure to purchased a quality, approved PFD/Life Vest for this purpose.

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