HARMNEE PWM Speed Controller

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HARMNEE chooses top quality electronic components for their product setups and are dedicated to providing products that can enhance your on the water experience, and this is no exception to that. With the perforated aluminium alloy case, display screen and potentiometer knob coupled with the CW and CCW rotation switch mechanism, this is all you need to manage and control your electric trolling motor.

Product Description

HARMNEE motor speed controller applies to brush motor and need to match with DC power supply. It doesn’t fit for brushless motor or AC power supply.

HARMNEE adopts professional design and use high quality electronic components, 2 pcs 63V and 2 pcs 10V high frequency capacitors and 5 pcs imported high voltage MOS tube.

Easy Installation

All wirings are with connector and easy to take them dowm. This allow you to install the HARMNEE speed controller easily and help you enjoy DIY fun.

Installation Instructions

1. Before you attempt to wire the controller, make sure your power is off. And please turn off the switch on the speed controller.

2. Follow the wiring diagram on the controller, connect the wires between the power supply, controller and motor accurately. Please distinguish the positive and negative terminals for power supply.

Attention: Do NOT reverse positive and negative power loads, otherwise it will damage the controller.

3. Fix the motor in place. Then turn on the power and controller switch. Now adjust the potentiometer knob to control motor speed. The LED display will show you the real-time speed percentage.

4. If everything goes well, fix the controller in place somewhere. Enjoy your use experience.

Included Items

HARMNEE Package includes:

- Potentiometer Knob:
With 100kΩ potentiometer, it adjusts the output voltage accurately to control motor speed
The plastic knob can be separated from the potentiometer. Then you can fix the knob to your control panel

- CW/CCW Switch:
Provide positive and negative rotation choice for you
CW/CCW Switch
Provide forward and reverse rotation choice for you
With only one switch, you can control the rotation direction easily

LED Display Screen:
Display the s percentage of real-time speed directly
The displayed percentage ranges from 0% to 100%

- Perforated Aluminium Case:
Conducive to heat dissipation and protect the circuit
The solid shell on the bottom protects the controller well. The holes on the back of the shell allow you to fix it somewhere

Technical Specifications

- Input Voltage: DC 10V-55V
- Input Current: 60A Max
- Rated Current: 40A
- PWM Frequency: 15kHz
- Potentiometer: 100kΩ
- Adjustable Range: 0%-100%

Product Dimensions
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