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Aluminium Kayak Trolley

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Make your outdoor day a little easier with this Kayak Trolley. Strap in your kayak, canoe, or SUP on the V-shaped cradle at your vehicle and pull it over grass, gravel, and tar with ease. We can't think of any terrain, even uneven, our trolley wheels won't be able to handle with a breeze.

Lightweight, foldable, easy to carry, and strong with an aluminium frame, our kayak trolley is well-balanced, adjustable, and durable. Assembly is quick and easy, and all you need to do is attach the wheels at the stainless-steel latch rings with a lynchpin before you're ready for a smooth roll down to the lake, river, ocean, inlet, or lagoon.

We've included a tie-down strap to secure your vessel, and EVA foam bumpers to boot for added protection to your kayak, canoe, or SUP's hull. The aluminium frame is kept in shape with a nylon strap to ensure it doesn't open too wide, and the kickstand gives the trolley a sturdy balance while not in use.

We do recommend researching which strap down technique is needed for your specific vessel shape as different hulls will require different strapping to keep secure.

Simply lift the rear or front of your *kayak, canoe, or SUP and place the trolley under the vessel.

Once you're done, disassemble the trolley for easy, convenient storage.

Wheels are hard plastic.

Included In Your Kayak Trolley Package:

2x Round, pump-free hard plastic wheels

1x Ties Down Straps

1x Vanhunks Kayak Trolley


All Terrain

Use your Vanhunks kayak, canoe or SUP trolley across even or uneven grass, sand, or tar surfaces to get you to the water with ease and comfort.


Vanhunks kayak trolley features hard plastic wheels that won't puncture or deflate, meaning it's low maintenance and hassle-free. One less thing for you to worry about as you get ready to head out for your day on the water.

Quick and Easy

Assembling your Vanhunks kayak or SUP trolley is as easy as sliding the wheels on and securing them with the latch rings and lynchpins. When you're done, pull the pin and slide the wheels off. Fold up and you're ready to store your trolley away.



The Vanhunks kayak, canoe, or SUP trolley is here to make your trip from your vehicle to the water more comfortable. No more missioning to lug it to the launch on your own if you're going out solo.


The Vanhunks trolley's aluminum frame and hard plastic wheels give the transportation device sturdy, strong integrity able to handle 150lbs with its lightweight structure.


Assembly and disassembly are quick and easy. Merely pop the frame open, slide the wheels on and fasten them on with latch rings and lynchpins included in the kit.

*Please note that kayak, canoe or SUP is not included