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Stealth Evo Duo Kayak

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The biggest, widest and longest of the three evolution kayaks makes her the most stable and also the fastest of the three kayaks. Ideal for all types of anglers up to 135kgs. The larger size makes this kayak a little slower to turn and manoeuvre in comparison to the two smaller models and also the heaviest kayak to manage in the range. A favourite amongst the serious anglers who want loads of storage space and to cover large distances to reach their ultimate fishing grounds.


    • Adjustable foot peddles make kayak easy to share
    • Large fish hatch and storage area
    • Awesome fishing platform
    • International Safety Standards compliant
    • Easily manageable & super stable
    • Fish Hatch front & REAR access
    • 2 x Rod Holders & Saddles
    • Backrest clips
    • Elastic Webbing for Storage
    • Adjustable front foot positions
    • Paddle Elastic & Protective Rubber
    • 2 x Drain Holes


Best Feature: Stability

Conditions: Freshwater and Open Ocean

Length: 5.0m

Width: 0.68m

Weight: 34kg

Max Angler Weight: 245kg

Capacity: 310kg

Stability: 10/10

Speed: 9/10

Glide: 8/10

Manoeuvrability: 8/10

Surf Ability: 8/10