Stealth ProFisha Duo

Stealth ProFisha Duo


Length: 587.5 cm
Width: 65.8 cm
Max Angler weight: 240 kg

Prices of Stealth Kayaks will go up with effect from 1 January 2020

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The PF Duo is the newest and latest design double fishing kayak in our range. This design was based on the desire for a faster kayak, for the more experienced angler. In order to achieve this, we made the kayak longer and narrower when compared to our std Duo.

This Duo kayak has two fully adjustable cockpits, making the kayak suitable for anglers of various heights.This in turn means this kayak can be shared with all of your avid fishermen friends.Based on our successful Pro fisha range, this Duo is a great performing speed machine.

The PF Duo was also designed using CAD and CNC technology with many hours of design and thought.In order to make this kayak light and manageable we have also used only the best epoxy based resin systems and specialised materials with the same processes and techniques when manufacturing all our Pro fisha kayaks.

The effort needed by the two paddlers is minimal to make her perform admirably. Perfectly suited for two occupants where their combined weight does not exceed 240kgs. The capacity of the kayak, including gear and tackle or fish, can be as much as 295kgs.

The well thought out design also allows the more experienced angler who would manage the fishing rods to use the pedals and steering from the back seat. This also means it is easy to keep an eye on the lesser experienced angler or your kids in the front while you paddle and fish.

Prices of Stealth Kayaks will go up with effect from 1 January 2020