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    8inch Flip up Hatch

    This 8inch flip up hatch with removable storage bag is great for securing goodies while out on the water on your kayak. Easily locks in position to ensure items safely stowed. Made from high quality material and a great add on or replacement for your standard twist off...

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    Adjustable Aerator – Live Bait

    This Adjustable Aerator is for Live Bait tanks and kits. Part Number: KFS-Aera

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    R45 R25

    BG Expandable Drain Plug

    This Expandable Drain Plug from BG Products is perfect for your Boat and live bait bait tank. Part Number:...

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    R30 R25

    BG Water Outlet – Live Bait

    This Water Drain Outlet is perfect for Live Bait tanks and even cooler boxes. Made by BG Products and is perfect for its purpose. Part Number:...

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    R35 R30

    Electrical Adaptor Connector

    One into two marine electrical connectors. Great for live bait systems or other electrical applications. Part Number:...

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    R65 R50

    Electrical Switch

    High quality electrical switch for multiple marine applications and uses. Part Number: BG-Switch

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    Electrical Toggle Switch

    This Electrical Toggle Switch is perfect for various marine electronic applications, like Live Bait Tanks, Bilge Fittings and lights etc. Part Number:...

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    Kayak Battery Box

    We custom make containers to safely store your kayak battery which powers you fish finder, live bait well or lights. The containers are made for a standard sized 7.2amp battery (as used by gate motors and house alarms) Pics and dimensions to follow… Part Number:...

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    Live Bait Tanks

    The preservation of healthy live bait while out on the water is a critical component when fishing with live bait. For most jetski fishing rigs, we setup a good live bait system, capable of using an electric bilge pump or a basic jet pump water flow setup. Our live bait kits, include: – Plastic live bait tank/bottle – Electric Bilge Pump and switch – All hoses and fittings – Stainless Steel Cage for tank/bottle Contact us to discuss your specific live bait systems best suited to your fishing and...

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    Live Bait Torpedo

    This live bait tube was designed for keeping live bait while on your kayak. The tube is made from PVC and is easily folded or “squashed ” so that you can hide it away in any of your hatches and it will not take up to much space.The ends of the Torpedo are dome shaped with holes to let the water in and out. The shape keeps the torpedo streamlined while it is in the water and you are paddling.The rope ends with stainless snap hooks make it easy to secure anywhere on the side of your kayak.As long as it is submerged in the water the torpedo does an excellent job at keeping...

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    R299 R240

    Luminous Lip Grips – 25cm

    These Luminous Lip Grips – 25cm The Fish Grip is the perfect fish landing tool for fishermen of all kinds. The unique jaw design holds the lip of the fish without harming the fish and the wrist lanyard always keeps it close at hand. Another great feature of the Fish Grip is that it floats when dropped into the water! Features: – Rope is elastic, great controlling equipment for fishing. – Unique jaw design holds the lip of the fish. – Has a very practical advantages, will float into the water will not be lost in the water. Specification: – Material: Plastic – Length: 25cm(approx.) Package includes: 1 x Fish Grip Note – Please...

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    Lunar Tube Kits

    When fishing for larger game fish like, Wahoo, big Tuna, Sailfish and Marlin, it is best to keep your larger bait separate from your normal live bait, like Mackerel and Sardines. For this purpose we custom fit two Lunar Tubes linked to your jet pump for the circulation and supply of fresh water. The Lunar Tube Kit includes: – 2x Lunar Tube Housing Units – Mounting Brackets – All hoses and fittings – EXCLUDING BILGE PUMP Please contact us for more information on how we can fit this system to your Jetski Fishing Rig. Part Number:...

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    Marine 2 Pin Connectors

    A quick and simple way to disconnect electronics on your kayak. Top quality connectors from Cole Hersee.

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    Marine Grade Butt Connectors

    Marine grade butt connectors. These connectors are heat shrink to provide a watertight connection. For 14-16 gauge wire. Sold with 5 per pack. Part Number:...

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    Nylon Terminal Connectors

    Female nylon terminal disconnects are often used on power leads for battery connections. These terminal disconnects are made of Marine grade tinned copper, and are ideal for 16 gauge wire. The product is sold per...

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    R30 R25

    Plastic In-Line Tap System

    This Plastic In-Line Tap System is perfect for control water flow/supply for your live bait tank. Part Number:...

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    Premium Live Bait System

    This is the ultimate live bait tank system, portable for you kayak, can be used with longer hose for jetski. It has an electronic Rule bilge pump (500) powered by a 12v battery housed in a water tight battery box, 3 rear rod holders, waterproof electronic switch and carry handle. Also has pre-installed securing webbing and hardware to secure to you kayak or jetski. Contact us for more...

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    R650 R576

    Rectangular Hatch Lid

    Rectangular Hatch Lid which is the perfect size to custom make a live bait well, for added hull access for storage and made from high grade material. Specifications: Dimensions: 270mm x 375 Colour: White Part Number:...

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