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    R650 R400

    AAA LED Lights – Set of 3

    AAA LED Light Set of 3 (Blue/Red and White) and base mounting with removable light deflecting shield. Takes AAA Batteries. Part Number: 001231-SET (Excludes...

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    R20 R15

    Battery Connectors

    These quality Battery Connectors fit batteries requiring bolt and nut terminals. Sold in Pairs. Part Number:...

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    R55 R30

    BG – Simple Plastic Pulley

    This Simple Plastic Pulley is great additional for your anchor trolley system on your kayak. Part number: BG50(F)(1) – Sold in...

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    R60 R35

    BG – Stainless Steel Simple Pulley

    This Stainless Steel Simple Pulley is great additional for your anchor trolley system on your kayak. Part number: BG50(F)(1) – Sold in...

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    R45 R25

    BG Expandable Drain Plug

    This Expandable Drain Plug from BG Products is perfect for your Boat and live bait bait tank. Part Number:...

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    R30 R25

    BG Water Outlet – Live Bait

    This Water Drain Outlet is perfect for Live Bait tanks and even cooler boxes. Made by BG Products and is perfect for its purpose. Part Number:...

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    R40 R30

    Camera Adaptor – Short

    This Camera Mount Short Adaptor is perfect for all Go Pro or other similar cameras. Part Number:...

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    R40 R30

    Camera Adhesive Mount 3M

    This is a replacement Camera Adhesive Mount 3M pad. Protect your camera and ensure your adhesive is functioning as effectively as it should be. This product excludes the actual mount. Part Number:...

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    R65 R40

    Camera Base Mount

    This Camera Base Mount is for all Go Pro and similar cameras. Part Number: CAM-Base

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    R50 R40

    Camera Float

    Protect your valuable Camera with this Camera Float. Part Number: CAM-Float

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    R35 R30

    Electrical Adaptor Connector

    One into two marine electrical connectors. Great for live bait systems or other electrical applications. Part Number:...

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    Electrical Cable Connectors

    These Electrical Cable Connectors are great for all marine electrical applications. Sold in Pairs. Part Number:...

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    R15 R10

    Electrical Cable Joiners

    Electrical Cable Joiners. Sold In Pairs. Part Number: Low-Join

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    R65 R50

    Electrical Switch

    High quality electrical switch for multiple marine applications and uses. Part Number: BG-Switch

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    Electrical Toggle Switch

    This Electrical Toggle Switch is perfect for various marine electronic applications, like Live Bait Tanks, Bilge Fittings and lights etc. Part Number:...

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    Fluid Locomotion Kayak (Modular)

    The Locomotion is a revolutionary kayak that can be attached to another Locomotion to form a double, triple or quadruple kayak. You can link as many as you want. When the stern gear deck is removed, the bow of a Locomotion perfectly slots in the cavity. The supplied cam strap is then threaded through the matching drain holes to secure the two kayaks together. The Locomotion can easily be stored upright due to the flat stern, making it easy to store a large number of Locomotions. SPECS: LENGTH: 264 cm / 8’7” WIDTH: 81 cm / 32” WEIGHT: 21 kg / 46 lbs CARRYING CAPACITY: max 120 kg / 265 lbs This kayak IS...

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    Fluid Saddle Fittings

    These Saddle fittings are the standard saddles that come with all Fluid Kayaks. Can be used on any kayaks or jetskies for added areas to secure leashes or items. Sold in Pairs. Part Number:...

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    Fluid Vaya

    Children love going on adventures and Fluid’s kayak for children is a key to unlocking a child’s adventurous spirit. The anticipation as you carry the kayak down to the waters edge, the excitement as you start paddling out and the joy of being outdoors. Our children’s kayak is stable, safe and lots of fun. Just add water. Rock-pools, farm dams, streams or even the ocean. Fluid’s children’s kayak will allow the child to explore new places, push personal barriers and find new frontiers. Most importantly though, is that paddling is good exercise and always fun. Part Number:...

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