Power Cables

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    7.2amp Battery

    THE ALL NEW IMPROVED POWERED, quality 7.2amp Batteries to power your fish finder,live bait well or lights for your kayak. Dimensions: L=150mm x H=95mm x D=65mm Part Number:...

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    R20 R15

    Battery Connectors

    These quality Battery Connectors fit batteries requiring bolt and nut terminals. Sold in Pairs. Part Number:...

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    BG Power Cable Covers

    These, good quality BG Power Cable Covers flush seal the hole where your cables come out of the hull. Great for power cables and transducer cables. Sold individually. Part Number:...

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    R35 R30

    Electrical Adaptor Connector

    One into two marine electrical connectors. Great for live bait systems or other electrical applications. Part Number:...

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    Electrical Cable Connectors

    These Electrical Cable Connectors are great for all marine electrical applications. Sold in Pairs. Part Number:...

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    R15 R10

    Electrical Cable Joiners

    Electrical Cable Joiners. Sold In Pairs. Part Number: Low-Join

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    Flush Thru Hull Wiring Housing

    This Wire Cap Housing is perfect for use on Lowrance or for Garmin wiring running your wires inside the hull. The wire cap fits a 1″ diameter hole. It will fit other applications that have up to a 1″ plug and 1/4″ cables. We use this wire cap on all of our fishfinder installs. 1″ spade drill bit not included Part Number:...

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    R275 R230

    Fuse Holder/Connectors

    Best way to protect your Lowrance Fish Finder is to ensure there is an inline fuse fitted. Part Number:...

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    Heavy Duty Plug

    This Heavy Duty Plug is idea for portable fridges, trolling motor setups and other electrical items. Part Number:...

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    Kayak Battery Box

    We custom make containers to safely store your kayak battery which powers you fish finder, live bait well or lights. The containers are made for a standard sized 7.2amp battery (as used by gate motors and house alarms) Pics and dimensions to follow… Part Number:...

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    Lowrance Cable Caps

    These Lowrance Cable Caps protect your cable connectors (power and transducer) from corrosion and dirt while not in use. Sold in Pairs. Part Number:...

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    Lowrance PC-30 Power Cable

    Power cable that includes the NMEA connectivity wiring (e.g. for VHF connection). Can be used with Hook, Elite Ti and HDS units. Reference:...

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    Marine Grade Butt Connectors

    Marine grade butt connectors. These connectors are heat shrink to provide a watertight connection. For 14-16 gauge wire. Sold with 5 per pack. Part Number:...

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    Nylon Terminal Connectors

    Female nylon terminal disconnects are often used on power leads for battery connections. These terminal disconnects are made of Marine grade tinned copper, and are ideal for 16 gauge wire. The product is sold per...

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    Spanjaard Lectro Kleen

    Spanjaard is very well known product in SA, and their extensive range has been used by anglers and boat owners for many years. I have been testing the Lectro Kleen spray on my boat and jetski electronics over the last 6 months to see how really effective this product is. I especially focused on the Power Cables for the radio, fish finder and GPS units. These connectors usually are the ones that get corroded even after just a few trips without properly cleaning them with fresh water and lubricant. This product has proven incredibly effective and I would highly recommend it. I spray a healthy dose of the product on my fish finder plugs...

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    SS Power Cable Covers

    These Stainless Steel Power Cable Covers are ideal for securing cable through hatches and hulls and when siliconed are perfect for those areas. Ideal for power cables and transducer cables. Part Number:...

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    Thru Hull Wiring Housings

    This high quality Thru Hull Wiring Housings is made by Hobie for easily securing fish finder, live bait or lighting wiring through your craft’s hull. Sold in a pack of 2 with assortment of rubber flanges for different wire gauges. Part Number:...

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