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  • R360

    7.2amp Battery

    THE ALL NEW IMPROVED POWERED, quality 7.2amp Batteries to power your fish finder,live bait well or lights for your kayak. Dimensions: L=150mm x H=95mm x D=65mm Part Number:...

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    Battery Connectors

    These quality Battery Connectors fit batteries requiring bolt and nut terminals. Sold in Pairs. Part Number:...

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    BG Power Cable Covers

    These, good quality BG Power Cable Covers flush seal the hole where your cables come out of the hull. Great for power cables and transducer cables. Sold individually. Part Number:...

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    Camera Mount Kit

    This Camera Mount Kit is for mounting of Go Pro or similar cameras. It has a screw in base for a tripod of other mounting applications. Part Number:...

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    R35 R30

    Electrical Adaptor Connector

    One into two marine electrical connectors. Great for live bait systems or other electrical applications. Part Number:...

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    Electrical Cable Connectors

    These Electrical Cable Connectors are great for all marine electrical applications. Sold in Pairs. Part Number:...

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    R15 R10

    Electrical Cable Joiners

    Electrical Cable Joiners. Sold In Pairs. Part Number: Low-Join

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    R65 R50

    Electrical Switch

    High quality electrical switch for multiple marine applications and uses. Part Number: BG-Switch

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    Featuring support for Active Imaging™, FishReveal™ and Genesis Live onscreen mapping, the Elite-7 Ti² fishfinder/chartplotter is big enough for use as standalone display , but has a small enough footprint to be a perfect fit for boats with limited console space. Part Number: 10-02-208 Professional Level Technology For All Anglers Elite Ti² packs Active Imaging™, our highest quality sonar ever, FishReveal™, built-in Genesis Live real-time mapping and enhanced screen clarity and target separation. Plus, with features that make your life easier on the water, like an easy-to-use touchscreen, wireless networking, smartphone notifications and trolling motor/Power Pole® integration – Elite Ti² was designed to help you have an easier time finding fish. NEW Active Imaging...

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    FlexPod OS Electronics Kit

    The Wilderness Systems FlexPod OS Electronics Kit provides the perfectly sized foam cutout for holding your battery secure in the pod and provides all hardware required for easy installation of most fish finders. Flex Pod OS unit sold separately. Compatible with the following Wilderness Systems models: A.T.A.K. 140 Tarpon 130X Thresher 140, 155 Part Number:...

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    Flush Thru Hull Wiring Housing

    This Wire Cap Housing is perfect for use on Lowrance or for Garmin wiring running your wires inside the hull. The wire cap fits a 1″ diameter hole. It will fit other applications that have up to a 1″ plug and 1/4″ cables. We use this wire cap on all of our fishfinder installs. 1″ spade drill bit not included Part Number:...

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    FPV-Power 17amp Battery

    Part Number: FPV-BAT-17AH

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    FPV-Power 7.2amp Battery

    The FPV-POWER 7Ah battery is perfect for fisherman running fish finders like the Lowrance Hook 4 or the Garmin Striker 4. At full brightness, you can expect 18-20 hours of use! These batteries are also great for running other low draw electronics such as lights and can also be rigged up to charge phones and cameras! Specifications: Voltage: 7.5-12.6V Capacity: 7000 mAh Amp Draw: 7A Max Cycles: 400-800 Dimensions: 110x80x50mm Weight: 455g Case: Waterproof hard case IP67 (waterproof only when lead is connected) Battery Management System: Built-in short circuit protection with charging and discharging safety cutoff. Charger: 2A wall charger Part Number:...

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    R275 R230

    Fuse Holder/Connectors

    Best way to protect your Lowrance Fish Finder is to ensure there is an inline fuse fitted. Part Number:...

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    Heavy Duty Plug

    This Heavy Duty Plug is idea for portable fridges, trolling motor setups and other electrical items. Part Number:...

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    Kayak Battery Box

    We custom make containers to safely store your kayak battery which powers you fish finder, live bait well or lights. The containers are made for a standard sized 7.2amp battery (as used by gate motors and house alarms) Pics and dimensions to follow… Part Number:...

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    Lowrance Bass Fishing Shirt

    The NEW fishing shirt offered by Lowrance South Africa. The “bass design” is perfect for all of our inland customers. The material used is lightweight, UV protective and breathable. The fabric is made of moisture wicking...

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    Lowrance Blue Fishing Top

    The NEW fishing shirt offered by Lowrance South Africa. The “deep sea design” is perfect for all of our offshore customers. The material used is lightweight, UV protective and breathable. The fabric is made of moisture wicking material. Part Number:...

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